Diarrhea Planet presents 4-guitar punk attack on free mp3

You can tell a lot about a band’s commercial aspirations based on whether or not they have a name like “Diarrhea Planet.”

The Nashville six-piece that does have the name Diarrhea Planet may not find tons (we were going to say “a shitload”) of mainstream acceptance, but then, neither did the Butthole Surfers, and they still kicked ass. So does Diarrhea Planet, which builds on the more common three-guitar attack by adding a fourth guitarist, for a sound that is, as you’d expect, mighty heavy on guitars.

Singer Hodan Dickie has a strong set of lungs to be heard over all that din, and the result is a dense and ferocious churning laced with stadium-sized guitar fills on “Warm Ridin’,” the free song from the band’s forthcoming debut LP.

The album, “Loose Jewels,” is due Sept. 20 on Infinity Cat, the record label owned by fellow Nashvilleans Jeff the Brotherhood.

So what’s in a name? In this case, just a whole lot of sweaty rock ‘n’ roll.

Warm Ridin’ mp3

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