Digital Leather gives away song from 'Modern Problems' LP

“Warm Brother,” the 2009 album from Digital Leather, had its moments, but the free song from the band’s new album, “Modern Problems,” has made us forget all of them.

Actually, calling Digital Leather a group might be overstating things: it’s the project of multi-instrumentalist Shawn Foree, an Arizona native who was tight enough with Jay Reatard that Reatard took over managing Digital Leather before he died in January 2010.

At a loss after the death of his friend, Foree moved to Berlin, where inspiration struck for “Modern Problems.” The album, he says, “is a narrative of the grieving process,” as told through an alter-ego. Foree recorded the album at home by himself, and he did a fine job of it: the free song, “Young Doctors in Love,” piles scuzzy guitars over a tinny canned beat, and the contrast is deceptively electrifying.

“Modern Problems” came out Feb. 14.

Young Doctors in Love

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