Dirty Fences crank up raw rock sound on free mp3, 'Sid'

Listening to Dirty Fences, you just know someone in the band is the proud owner of a grease- or motor-oil stained denim jacket.

With a loose, rollicking rock ‘n’ roll vibe, the Boston band (that Celtics jacket isn’t just for show) is a welcome antidote to all those fussy Berklee kids intent on reinventing power-pop or pushing jam bands in horrifying new directions or whatever.

There’s none of that precious premeditation here, just raw, gritty riffs and vocals buried in reverb on “Sid,” from a forthcoming self-titled EP.

Dirty Fences have landed a handful of dates opening for Cults, who, good as they are, probably ought to be worried about getting blown off the stage. “Dirty Fences” is due digitally and on vinyl April 10.

Dirty Fences

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