Dominican indie-kid moves to U.S., makes catchy, jangling pop as Grand Resort

The average fan of twee English indie-pop from the ’80s is the pasty sort who only goes outside when her mom makes her, which is hell in the summer when the sun beats down on all that black clothing. Then there’s Andrés Pichardo.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Pichardo fell in love with jangling English pop as a teenager before heading to Massachusetts for college and, not incidentally, to play music under the name Grand Resort. He’s since relocated to Brooklyn, where Grand Resort is readying its 8-song debut, “Vanguard Dreams,” with a free tune, “Night is Dark.”

With chiming, airy guitars, understated, atmospheric keyboards and murmuring vocals swathed in reverb, the songs sounds like it could have been an outtake from the C-86 collection. It’s not, of course — NME released the compilation six years before Pichardo, 20, was even born — but the kid knows his stuff.

“Vanguard Dreams” is out Sept. 24 via DiscAu.

Night is Dark mp3

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