Doug Hoyer gives away pair of glossy electro-pop songs

“Ukulele troubadour” and “gleaming electro-pop” seem like pretty different disciplines, but Canadian singer and songwriter Doug Hoyer — “among Edmonton’s premier pop practitioners,” according to his press bio — has carved out some common ground on his new full-length debut.

Hoyer got his start on the Canadian TV show “Rock Camp” and began releasing EPs a few years ago, including his first non-uke set “Busy Busy Busy” in 2009. Now he’s released the full-length “Walks with the Tender and Growing Night.”

He’s giving away a pair of free songs. One, “Oh, the Wind Will Blow,” shows a touch of his ukulele soaked past with that familiar chucka-chucka sound rolling along beneath swirls of strings and synths and female backing vocals. The other, “Northern Lights,” is full-on synth-pop with swells of glossy sound framing Hoyer’s resonant voice.

“Walks with the Tender and Growing Night” is out now on Old Ugly Recording Co.

Northern Lights mp3
Oh, the Wind Will Blow mp3

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