Dressy Bessy previews busy 2012 with free holiday song

From the sound of things, no one is having a mellower Christmas than Dressy Bessy.

The Denver band wraps up its 15th year with the free Christmas song “Mister Kringle’s,” which puts sleigh bells over an easy flowing guitar part topped with a twee little keyboard line. The holidays can be a stressful time, but this tune is a super-pleasant antidote.

It’s also a precursor of sorts for what promises to be a busy 2012. Dressy Bessy has a new album ready to go, but instead of releasing it all at once, the band plans to drop a couple of songs at a time every three months, starting in March, in digital and vinyl formats. A full vinyl and CD set will follow in 2013.

“I can keep up this pace forever,” singer Tammy Ealom says in press notes for the holiday track. “So you’d better get ready to rock.”

Photo by Tammy Ealom & John Hill

Dressy Bessy – Mister Kringle’s by fanaticpro

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