Drive-By Truckers add a mess new of live dates, give away song from new album

Ooh, how’s this: Those Drive-By Truckers just keep rolling. Or, it’d take a runaway-truck ramp to stop these Truckers. Or, good thing there aren’t any cops around, ’cause the Drive-By Truckers are hauling ass at top speed down a mountain, open bottle o’ Jack on the dashboard, and they don’t have any brakes! OK, too far.

Anyway, point being, the Drive-By Truckers are, as usual, keeping busy. The band has a new album, “Go-Go Boots,” out Feb. 15, and a whole mess of live dates coming up, including what’s sure to be a killer show New Year’s Eve at Terminal 5 in New York.

Check here for the complete itinerary, which almost certainly includes a performance near you, wherever you are, and listen below to the new song, “Used to be a Cop.”

Photo by Danny Clinch


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