Album Review: Easy Lover's self-titled EP

After stints fronting New York indie bands The Affair and Day For Night, powerhouse singer Kali Holloway is back with a new project, Easy Lover, a collaboration with Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Wimmer.

Together, they’ve recorded a self-titled three-song EP that puts a new spin on the Ronnie Spector-fronting-X vibe of the Affair. Holloway dials her voice back from full-throttle, without losing any of the power. It’s just slower-burning here as she sings with languid passion on “End of the Season” over layers of synthesizer, a wall of shuddering guitar and a booming vintage-style girl-group beat. (The EP comes with three wildly divergent different remixes of the song, by British producer Elan Polushko, DFA’s Gavin Russom and Rewards — that is, Aaron Pfenning, formerly of Chairlift.)

Holloway is deliberate on “New Maggie,” her vocals ringing over glimmers of keyboards and a boxy, reverb-soaked beat, while “Robo Doris” ratchets up the electronics, surrounding Holloway’s voice with little blooms of sound that blink on and off, before a massive wave of fuzz-tone guitar sweeps through the song. It’s an alluring reintroduction to a singer with considerable charisma who sounds like she’s found the accompaniment to match.

— Eric R. Danton

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