Edwyn Collins' SXSW set includes new songs, and an Orange Juice classic

That Edwyn Collins performed Thursday at SXSW was something of a triumph. In fact, that Edwyn Collins is even alive is a triumph: the singer, songwriter and founder of the influential Scottish post-punk band Orange Juice suffered a pair of debilitating cerebral hemorrhages in 2005 that left him barely able to speak and weak on his right side.

After what must have been a grueling rehabilitation, Collins returned last year with “Losing Sleep,” the first album he has recorded since the hemorrhages. (His 2007 album, “Home Again,” was mostly completed in 2004, before the injuries.)

He was a quietly joyful presence on stage, perched on a road case and smiling. Though he spoke between songs in slow, careful cadences, he sang with great fluency on jangly power-pop songs, including the title track from “Losing Sleep,” “Make Me Feel” from his 1994 album “Gorgeous George” and the Orange Juice classic “Rip It Up,” a sort of founding document of the Glasgow scene.

— Text and photo by Eric R. Danton

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