Enjoy Your Pumas reps Winnipeg on free song from forthcoming full-length debut

The last time Winnipeg drew attention in the indie-rock world was when the Weakerthans examined their hometown on the lightly ironic “One Great City!” Undeterred, Enjoy Your Pumas seem reasonably proud to hail from Manitoba’s largest burg.

The quintet, fronted by Rosie Blais, has a vibrant, low-key indie-pop sound that makes Enjoy Your Pumas an unconventional choice to open for ’80s cheese-rockers Bon Jovi and ’00s super-jerkoff Kid Rock, but the band won a contest, and hey, a gig’s a gig.

That’s not all Enjoy Your Pumas are up to, either. After releasing an EP in 2009, the band returns Feb. 1 with its full-length debut, “Commonality.” They offer an early taste with free song “Weight of the Circles,” where a busy drum beat and pumping bass underpin chiming guitars, while Blais’ voice spirals upward on the chorus.

Photo by Andrew Workman

Weight of the Circles mp3

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