Eric Burdon premieres ‘Black Dog’ from EP with the Greenhornes

You can (and should) prepare as best you can, but you never really know how an interview is going to go, and that holds especially true for veteran musicians who have done countless phoners and heard the same questions countless times. It’s always a pleasant surprise, then, when they’re engaged, thoughtful and funny. Eric Burdon was all three when I talked to him yesterday about his new collaboration with the Cincinnati garage-rock band the Greenhornes.

Burdon and the Greenhornes recorded a four-song EP in less than two days, and Rolling Stone today is premiering the first song, “Black Dog.” It’s a gritty blues-rocker that calls to mind Burdon’s time fronting the Animals in the 1960s. The song, he told me, was inspired by back pain and Winston Churchill.

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