Exiles’ ‘Circular Key’ Video Makes Strong Case for Living Alone

Photo by Matt Kaplan

Photo by Matt Kaplan

With roommates like these, maybe it’s worth asking whether you can move back into your parents’ house. Brooklyn band Exiles‘ new video for “Circular Key” shows what happens when four people with giant animal heads and a fifth guy who has the worst roommates in the world stop being polite and finish all the breakfast cereal.

Set the morning after what looks like a pretty epic rager, judging by the detritus, our ginger-haired hero wakes up on the couch to find a giant chicken playing video games. A trip to the bathroom is a bust when he encounters the guy with the bulldog head in there, stinking things up. Breakfast doesn’t go much better: the smiley rotund bee has a heaping mound of Sugar Frosted Cody Macks, leaving an empty box. Then there’s the wolf who’s enjoying the aftermath of what looks like a threesome in our protagonist’s room. All the action unfolds to the tune of “Circular Key,” a a dreamy track, full of trebly, ringing guitar and hazy vocals from singer Moire Echo that are perfect for getting lost in.

The song comes from Exiles’ 2014 EP “Only Summer,” which is available here.

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