Extra Happy Ghost!!! has lots of exclamation points, catchy lo-fi pop sound on free song from forthcoming debut LP

Here’s what we know about Extra Happy Ghost!!!: it’s the project of Calgary musician Matthew Swann, he makes lo-fi pop and he put too many exclamation points in the band’s name.

Still, we’re willing to overlook such punctuational sins for the sake of a good tune, and Swann has one in “So At One.” It’s spacious and echoing, with a guitar riff that skulks along under distant male-female vocals and a spare, stuttering drum beat.

It’s the free song from “Modern Horses,” Extra Happy Ghost!!!’s full-length debut, recorded with Chad Van Gaalen at his Yoko Eno studio, and due July 26. Whence the album title? So glad you asked: it refers to nine horses that panicked and jumped off a bridge in 2005 while they were being herded toward downtown Calgary.

So At One mp3

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