Fielded makes music for animstic forest rites on songs from new LP, 'Terrageist'

Now this is some trippy music: Lindsay Anne Powell, who records under the name Fielded, filled in the “Sounds Like” category of her MySpace page with just two words: “an incantation.”

Yup — an arcane and at times foreboding incantation. We frankly weren’t sure what to think after the first listen, but there something gripping and powerful about Powell’s songs. They’re built around dark, imposing synthesizers and primal drum beats, and she sings in a striking, icy voice treated with subtle effects.

The whole package is the sonic equivalent of someone conducting animistic rites at dusk in an autumn wood. Which is sort of what’s happening in this video.

Anyway, the Chicago musician releases a new album, “Terrageist,” Tuesday. (Without a staff linguist we’re just guessing here: “earth ghost?”)  Click here to listen to some of the new songs, or grab two of them below.

Demon Seed mp3
Another Time mp3

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