Franz Nicolay songs get reimagined and remixed by Anti-Social Music collective

Speaking of remixes, which we were just yesterday, Franz Nicolay jumps into the ring with a new EP, “Anti-Social Music vs. Franz Nicolay: Unlucky & Discouraged.”

It’s a collection of seven re-worked songs from his new album, “Luck and Courage.” (See, the title of the remix EP is a play on the title of … oh, forget it.)

Nicolay is all about collective action, as demonstrated by his involvement with the World/Inferno Friendship Society and last year’s Guignol/Mischief Brew collaboration, so it’s entirely fitting that members of the New York composer-performer collective Anti-Social Music are behind these remixes.

The whole project is available right here for free, but you can preview Beauty Pill’s new electro-orchestra version of “This is Not a Pipe” below. It’s the first release in three years from the Washington D.C. band (featuring Anti-Social’s Jean Cook).

This is Not a Pipe — Beauty Pill mp3

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