Free Energy has 'Electric Fever' on free song from new LP

Nobody looks like they’re having as much fun on stage as Free Energy — the Philadelphia group is fully committed to the awesomeness of awesome rock ‘n’ roll.

Pair a live-wire band like that with a producer who has a long track record of capturing his clients at their very best — a producer like, say, John Agnello — and there’s no telling what could happen. Actually, strike that. What happens is a song like “Electric Fever,” a song rife with buoyant guitar, a fist-pump beat and, of course, some cowbell. It’s the first tune from Free Energy’s forthcoming “Love Sign.”

Whenever the album is due, it isn’t soon enough, but if you’re going to SXSW, there’ll be plenty of Free Energy for you — they’re playing seven different times.

Photo by Kyle Dean Reinford


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