Frontier Brothers have a suggestion on new single 'You Should Start a Band'

Eventually, of course, garage pop was going to collide with synthesizers, and it’s happened via the Frontier Brothers and their song “You Should Start a Band.”

It’s the latest release from the Austin, Texas, group, which put out EPs in 2006 and 2007 and a full-length, “Space Punk Starlet,” in 2008. The band is working on a second LP with funding from fans, and “You Should Start a Band” — a three-song release, including the title track — will have to tide you over until they finish.

That’s good and bad. Good: The song is a total winner, with bold synths ornamenting a guitar-bass-drums configuration saturated with tousled lead vocals and tons of harmonies. Bad: Who wants to wait for more of that?

You Should Start a Band mp3

Photo by Devlin Shand

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