Gay Blades give away song from new album inspired by touring and tragedy

New York duo the Gay Blades won our hearts with its “Ghosts” LP, a collection of slightly unhinged, gloriously trashy rock tunes with titles like “Why Can’t I Grow a Beard?” and “Robots Can Fuck Your Shit Up.”

Singer and guitarist James Dean Wells and drummer Quinn English return Oct. 5 with a more mature (though no less trashy) new album, inspired in part by heavy touring, New York and the death of Wells’ brother, Ian Savage Wells. His middle name gives title to “Savages,” a collection of 11 new songs the band says draw on Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Adam Ant and plenty more.

Free song “Try to Understand” has a little Bowie and Adam Ant happening in the bouncy horns and clattering, upbeat tempo, and Wells sings with the loose-limbed urgency of a prankster who turns serious for a moment to make sure his point is getting through.

Try To Understand mp3

Photo by Justin Borucki

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