Portland's Gaytheist gives away riotous free song from debut LP

Photo by Darren Higgins

A gay, atheist punk-metal band sounds like the kind of thing that features in Rick Santorum’s nightmares, and you get the sense that Gaytheist would be happy to star in them.

The Portland, Ore., trio plays terse, churning songs (“while hugging,” according to their Facebook page) that have drawn comparisons to the Jesus Lizard, Torche and Scratch Acid. Singer/guitarist Jason Rivera, bassist Tim Hoff and drummer Nick Parks are veterans of the Portland scene, playing together and separately over the past 15 years before joining forces in Power Bottom, a name so great it was already taken. So they became Gaytheist instead.

The threesome releases its debut, “Stealth Beats,” Aug. 21 on Good to Die Records, though the free song “I’m Procrastinate and I Vote” shows there’s nothing stealthy about the band. It’s a riotous blast of noise, and Rick Santorum doesn’t want you to hear it. You know what to do.

I’m Procrastinate and I Vote mp3

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