Gil Scott-Heron reworked by Jamie xx on forthcoming remix LP 'We're New Here'

It’s old-school meets young-blood when Jamie xx takes a crack at remixing Gil Scott-Heron.

Scott-Heron, the wildly influential spoken-word/jazz/funk/proto-rap/whatever best known for his scathing, satirical track “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,”  re-emerged in February with “I’m New Here,” his first album in 13 years.

Jamie xx, one-quarter of acclaimed UK indie-pop act The xx, produced his band’s dreamy, rapturously reviewed, Mercury Prize-winning 2009 debut, helpfully titled “XX.”

Scott-Heron and the xx are label-mates, sort of, in that Beggars Group runs XL Recordings and Young Turks, so there’s a certain logic to Jamie reworking the songs on “I’m New Here” into “We’re New Here,” due Feb. 22. You can hear the first example, “NY is Killing Me,” right now.

Photo by Mischa Richter

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