Glasser gives away mp3 from debut LP exploring 'contradictory' emotions

It’s a little early to be comparing Cameron Mesirow’s music to albums by Van Morrison or Joni Mitchell (or, for that matter, R. Kelly, who also gets name-checked in a press bio), but the woman who performs at Glasser is definitely on to something.

Her full-length debut, “Ring,” is the musical embodiment of a complicated idea, the chiasmus. In rhetoric (bear with us here), it’s the reversal of of the order of words in the second of two parallel sentences. On this album, it’s the way Glasser (in tandem with producer Ariel Rechtshaid) juxtaposed songs “representing fluctuating and often contradictory emotional states,” according to the press notes.

It’s not the sort of thing that usually comes up in pop music, but then, neither are her songs. “Home,” the free tune, is a glorious assemblage of layers of vocals, drums, handclaps and other percussion and, a third of the way into the song, towering clouds of synthesizers. It’s strange and beautiful and deeply evocative.

“Ring” is out Sept. 28 on True Panther.

Home mp3

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