Electronic duo Golden Retriever makes video, offers coffee with album pre-orders

The words “Golden Retriever” more often call to mind the cheerful breed of dog than an experimental electronic duo that commissions a video for a new 9-minute song. And yet, Golden Retriever is also an experimental electronic duo that has commissioned a video for a new 9-minute song from a forthcoming album, “Occupied With the Unspoken.”

The song, “Serene Velocity,” certainly lives up to the unspoken part: it slides by in a haze of ambient synthesizers and sometimes jarring electronic tones with nary a vocal. In video form, chunks of debris and computer components drift toward the viewer, as if thrown clear by some explosion into the vastness of space. Around the 6:20 mark, the white background begins changing color, which lasts until midway through the eighth minute, when all that expansion starts to contract.

We don’t know what it means, but it’s hypnotic. If you dig it, you can download the song here.

“Occupied With the Unspoken” is due July 24 on Thrill Jockey, and if you pre-order the album, you have the option to also receive 8 oz of Costa Rican Montes de Oro coffee from Portland’s Stumptown Coffee, where Golden Retriever memeber Jonathan Sielaff works. Details are here.

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