Guantanamo Baywatch follows Cramps' path on free mp3

The Cramps were basically a genre unto themselves, merging lo-fi garage-rock with greasy rockabilly, b-movie horror schlock and a generous measure of gleeful sleaze so well that nobody else really even tried to keep up. Lux Interior is gone now, but you’ve got to think he’d be proud as hell of Guantanamo Baywatch, a Portland, Ore., band that  sounds nearly as unhinged as the Cramps did.

Formed in 2008 as a duo, the band released a now out-of-print LP and a couple of DIY EPs and singles, and expanded to a trio, before signing with Dirtnap Records last year to record the evocatively titled “Chest Crawl.” Debut single “Boomerenga” gives you a good idea what Guantanamo Baywatch is all about: surfy guitars with the treble and volume pegged til it hurts, drenched in reverb and undercut with murky, undiscernable vocals.

It makes for an unsettling thrill ride that seems certain to end with hunks of twisted, charred metal bent around a tree, and you staggering away from the wreckage, dazed, bloody and laughing your ass off. It’s that good. “Chest Crawl” is out May 22.


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