Harvey Danger gives away post-breakup song, 'The Show Must Not Go On'

If you remember Harvey Danger at all, it’s almost certainly for the band’s surprise 1998 hit “Flagpole Sitta.” It was, however, just one entry in a 16-year career that ended in 2009.

In a farewell coda, the Seattle band is giving away one last song, “The Show Must Not Go On,” a song that directly addresses breaking up. The band’s split was mutual and amicable, though the posthumous release of this song shouldn’t be taken as a sign of impending reunion, the group’s publicist says. It’s just one last tune, as catchy, melodic and hummable as anything the band has released.

You can download it here, along with “Dead Sea Scrolls,” a collection of b-sides and rarities. So long, Harvey Danger!

The Show Must Not Go On mp3

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