Hawks Do Not Share Deal With the Devil in ‘Break Even’


Radical interpretation: The mysterious stranger in Hawks Do Not Share’s new video for “Break Even” is the Devil. Who else shows up in a nearly empty bar wearing a three-piece suit with a bow tie, orders sipping quantities of Jim Beam and offers around papers for musicians to sign? OK, sure, a record company executive, but now we’re just splitting hairs.

In this case, though, the Devil — if that’s who he is — pulled an especially evil move and delivered something decidedly less glamorous than rock ‘n’ roll glory, as you’ll see by the end of the clip.

“Break Even,” a moody, atmospheric tune built around guitar and synthesizer textures, comes from Hawks Do Not Share’s full-length debut, “HDNS.” The band — George Lewis III, Jeremy Wilkins and Britt White — Britt White self-releases the album Sept. 9.

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