Denton's punk scene yields new album, and free song, from High Tension Wires

One of the hallmarks of a music scene is bands sharing members with other bands. Denton, Texas, punk band the High Tension Wires features member of the Riverboat Gamblers, Mind Spiders/Marked Men and Bad Sports. Scene? Check.

And what a scene: Mind Spiders have recently given the world a pair of sweet free songs, the Riverboat Gamblers are by now veteran badasses. The High Tension Wires comprise Mike Wiebe from the Riverboat Gamblers and Mark Ryan from the legendary Marked Men and Mind Spiders) and their third album as the High Tension Wires also features members of Bad Sports.

The album, “Welcome New Machine,” is due March 15 from the glorious dirtbags at Dirtnap Records. Free song “Backbone” is wheels-come-off punk rock, with bright, spiky guitars and yowling vocals delivering lyrics with references to beehive hierarchy. It’s a perfect punk song.

Photo by Gary Copeland

Backbone mp3

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