Spain’s Hinds Sing About ‘Just Staying Awake’ on ‘San Diego’

Photo by Aaron Serrano.

Photo by Aaron Serrano.

It’s hard to beat Hinds for sheer enthusiasm. The foursome from Madrid, Spain, look well-positioned to release the first buzzed-about album of 2016 with “Leave Me Alone,” which is due Jan. 8.

And why not? The band makes loose-limbed garage rock on songs that balance ramshackle, lo-fi charm with the sense that they could fall apart at any moment. Their latest tune, “San Diego,” premiered over the weekend on Sirius XM. Two of the women in the band trade off on lead vocals and sing (almost) in unison on the chorus, accompanied by fuzztone guitars and a plangent, rubbery bassline. It mostly sounds like a mess the first time through, but it’s bright and irrepressible enough to merit a second listen, and then a third, and pretty soon it sounds essential.

The band describes the song thus, in a press release: “We all have bad days. We mean bad nights. One day a friend told us ‘I don’t wanna fall asleep because I know what’s the dream about.'[sic] This song is about staying awake. Just staying awake.”

There’s no sleeping through “San Diego.”

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