Hold Steady plays all of 'Separation Sunday' at second Bowery show in NY

OK, so Listen, Dammit, really digs the Hold Steady. We’ll try to keep the gushing under control and not oversaturate with coverage, but the band’s show Tuesday night at the Bowery Ballroom is worth mentioning.

First, the set list included all of the group’s 2005 album “Separation Sunday,” which came as a pleasant surprise given the two albums and various b-sides the Hold Steady has released since. Second, fans know Craig Finn’s stage patter so well by now that they joined in reciting his usual (but ever-sincere) lines about how “there’s so much JOY in what we do up here.” Third, when the show ended and Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” came over the PA, the crowd sang along with that on its way out of the venue, which was really kind of a moving bookend to the song on the PA as the band took the stage: “New York Groove” by Ace Frehley.

Also, how many bands are there that inspire even the women in the crowd to pump their fists?

Looking for a review of Monday’s night’s Bowery show? There’s one here.

Set list:

1. Crucifixion Cruise
2. How a Resurrection Really Feels
3. Constructive Summer
4. Chips Ahoy!
5. Sequestered in Memphis
6. Cattle & the Creeping Things
7. One for the Cutters
8. Charlemagne in Sweatpants
9. Banging Camp
10. Don’t Let Me Explode
11. Stevie Nix
12. Multitude of Casualties
13. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
14. Lord, I’m Discouraged
15. Slapped Actress
16. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
17. Stay Positive
18. Hornets! Hornets!
19. Citrus
20. Stuck Between Stations
21. Southtown Girls
22. Killer Parties

(Photo by Andrew Piccone)

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