Canada's Hot Panda gives away second free track from recent sophomore LP

Oh, baby: time for a new song from Hot Panda, a group we started to love over the summer. (And isn’t summer love always the sweetest?)

The band from Edmonton, Canada, is the one that recorded its sophomore album, “How Come I’m Dead?” during a whirlwind weeklong stint at JC/DC Studios in Vancouver, during the 2010 Winter Olympics. The frenetic pace showed through on the first song the band gave away: “Mindlessness” had the air of a carnival ride about to spin off its axis and fuck some shit up.

New free song “Masculinity” is a skinned-knee rocker with scraping guitar sounds piercing the bouncy, descending keyboard lines that anchor the song, which is punctuated by a bright trumpet line. As for the song title, let’s just say there are different degrees of masculinity, as singer Chris Connelly muses, “I can’t grow a beard but at least I can act like a man.”

Masculinity mp3

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