Hot Panda cuts through clutter of animal names with relentlessly catchy new song

We sometimes get confused by the profusion of bands with animals in their names: all those bears, deer, wolves, tigers and pandas can make the head spin. Hot Panda, though, is clearly a band worth remembering, judging by the free song from its forthcoming sophomore album.

The Canadian foursome recorded “How Come I’m Dead?” in less than a week last year in Vancouver at JC/DC Studios (co-owned by New Pornographer John Collins) during Olympics.

“Mindlessness,” the ninth of 13 songs, embodies the pell-mell spirit of the sessions with frenetic organ and a relentless, bouncy bass line anchoring singer Chris Connelly’s slightly unhinged vocals. It’s unbelievably catchy.

“How Come I’m Dead?” is due Oct. 12 on Mint Records.

Mindlessness mp3

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