Huff This! does dark, moody take on 'Last Christmas'

OK, so we’re a little late on this one, but you know how crazy things get around the holidays. So if you’re already nostalgic for, um, last Christmas, you’ll definitely want to give a listen to this Wham! cover by Huff This! (So! Many! Exclamation marks!)

You may remember Huff This! from the song “Lovin You,” which the New York duo gave away earlier this year (and if you don’t, here’s a handy refresher), or perhaps you’ve come across singer Alison Clancy in one of her other gigs, which include fronting Electric Child and, believe it or not, dancing for the Metropolitan Opera.

What’s great about this “Last Christmas” cover is how Clancy, cellist Chris Lancaster, guitarist Sonny Ratcliff and drummer Tony Long subvert the song from the insipid gloss of the original and make it so, so much darker, before kicking into the familiar up-tempo sound of the original, which comes off here as almost sarcastic. It’s a potential centerpiece for any future Xmas mixes. Nice work, Huff This!


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