Brooklyn's Hunters give away chaotic single from new EP

You know Hunters has promise by the inventive descriptions floating around of the Brooklyn band: “Olympia-approved grunge” with “catchy boy/girl tribal vocals,” says RCRD LBL, while My Old Kentucky Blog hails the band as “neo-no wave scuzpoppers.” The Village Voice waxes especially rhapsodic, calling Hunters “bummblegum-sludge bashers.”

We’re not entirely sure what “bummblegum” is (did Hubba Bubba make that?), but if it has some connection to Hunters, we’d be happy to give it a try. The group does indeed revolve around the volatile vocal interplay between singers/guitarists Derek Watson and Isabel Almeida, and though we’ve yet to see them on stage, we’re guessing their lives shows involve a lot of thrashing and staggering around.

If you can’t make it to one of their shows, you can at least thrash around in the privacy of your own home: Hunters just released the EP “Hands on Fire,” produced by James Iha and mixed by Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Even better, Hunters are giving away the song “Brat Mouth,” which is full of gnashing guitars, oh-so-catchy vocals and a big pile-up of noise.

Brat Mouth mp3

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