The Hussy returns March 20 with new LP, 'Weed Seizure!'

When he’s not running Kind Turkey Records, Bobby Hussy makes noisy garage rock as one half of The Hussy, a duo hailing from, in the band’s words, “the politically charged cheese rectum that is Madison, Wis.” (We always kind of liked Madison, and we’ve never seen any politically charged cheese there.)

Anyway, The Hussy has been busy. Although it’s been less than a year since the duo, also featuring Heather, released “Cement Tomb Mind Control,” the Hussy is back with two 7-inch records on Italian label Boozy, and a new LP, “Weed Seizure!” on Tic Tac Totally.

It’s a chaotic gut-punch of a record from the get-go: opener “Undefined” starts with a jangling riff that’s quickly obscured by fuzzed-over guitar punctuated with shrieks reminiscent of attacking a piece of sheet metal with a power saw. (Plus, there’s a video!)

It’s like a woozy fever dream, but catchier. By contrast, free song “Stab Me” seems measured, though the vocal harmonies are just menacing enough to hint at the anarchy just below the gristly guitars on the surface.

“Weed Seizure” is due March 20.


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