New York band The Infinities releases debut EP, 'Etiquette'

We don’t know much about the Infinities, except that they’re new, from New York and write catchy songs laced with pop hooks and little blips of electronica.

The quartet recently released its debut EP, “Etiquette,” a five-song collection that shows considerable promise. The first three, in particular, are worth a listen: Opener “Apologetica” rides a sturdy beat overlaid with acoustic guitar and effervescent synthesizer, “Free Radical” mixes acoustic and electric guitars with horn-like keyboard bursts and “Selection” is swift and punchy, with a busy bassline and bright guitars.

Fourth song “Oh! Leanne” isn’t as richly fleshed out, despite the quiet, hooky intro that builds in volume to a curtain of synthesizer and bass; and the jangling guitar is muted a little by the bass and drums on closer “Pay No Mind,” which feels like a solid rough draft.

It’ll be interesting to hear what the Infinities do with a little more performing experience, which should be forthcoming: the band promises gigs around the Northeast this summer.

You can listen here to “Etiquette.”

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