Portland's Iretsu teases new album with 'elastic post-punk' single 'Humbuzzer'

Oh, Portland. Is there anything your awesome music scene can’t do? Obviously not.

The latest offering worth hearing from the mighty city on the Willamette comes from the self-described “avant-pop” band Iretsu, which releases a new album, “Fang,” May 27 on Hidden Shoals.

Iretsu formed in 2002 when leader Ryan Cross and a housemate began writing songs on guitar and cello. Bass and drums followed soon enough, and after a minor personnel shuffle, the Iretsu lineup was set. Cross and collaborators Glen Scheidt, Joel Holly and Chris Pickolick have released two previous albums and written and performed music for various theatrical productions.

“Humbuzzer,” the first song from “Fang,” is a terse, catchy little number with vocals that rise and fall over tight circles of trebly, overdriven guitar and muscular bass. The label calls it an “elastic post-punk tune,” so who are we to disagree? It’s yours for free right here until the album comes out.

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