It’s Like Everybody These Days Has a Website or Something

Welcome to mine. Although the bulk of my work will, for now, continue to appear in other places, this will be the online home of future projects currently in progress, so check back soon!

In the meantime, have you tried Spotify yet? Here’s a playlist of songs I’ve been digging recently.

Also, reading is fun. I’ve lately read Bob Mould’s memoir, “See a Little Light: The Trail of Rage of Melody,” which is a fascinating window into the life of one of the major players in the ’80s indie-rock underground. Along those lines, check out “How the Mistakes Were Made,” a novel by Tyler McMahon, who describes the unlikely rise and all-too-common fall of the Mistakes. It’s the best chapter of “Our Band Could Be Your Life” that Michael Azerrad never wrote. Review coming soon via

Next on my list: “The Daily Adventures of Mixerman,” generously lent to me by Mister G.

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