J Mascis Sings With Cat Power on ‘Wide Awake’

Photo by Justin Lapriore

Photo by Justin Lapriore

Because J Mascis spends so much time immersed in massive, sludgy guitar riffs does, it’s always startling to hear his acoustic jams. The Dinosaur Jr. leader (and Amherst fixture) has a solo album on the way that includes “Wide Awake,” a folky song with vocals from Chan Marshall (a.k.a. Cat Power). A pair of acoustic guitars, one in each channel, propel the song, and Mascis sings in mournful tones as Marshall adds soft harmonies behind him.

It’s not like Mascis is a stranger to the acoustic guitar — his 2011 solo album “Several Shades of Why” featured plenty of it — but it’s in definite contrast to his raging indie-rock side. The new album, “Tied to a Star,” is due Aug. 25 on Sub Pop.

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