Jail Weddings' song has theory on worst thing in the world

The band is named Jail Weddings, and Vice magazine says the single “(There’s Nothing Worse in the World Than a) Crying Girl,” which it premiered, is “music to have knife sex to.”

That’s a heady combination that’s well worth investigating. The band, a nine-piece Los Angeles crew, comes complete with a worldview, courtesy of leader Gabriel Hart.

“I wanted to start a band that blurred the lines of fantasy and reality, that collectively lived the lyrics, a band that would end up being a lifestyle all its own and turn the lives of the members into a goddamn musical, even if we were the only ones that knew it,” Hart says in press bio.

“Crying Girl” is an excellent step toward that goal. The 7-minute tune starts with simple chords on an organ and adds Hart’s vampy, reverb-soaked voice, then expands into a full-on cabaret-soul tune stacked high with guitars, bass, strings and a lot of wringing drama. T

The song is from Jail Weddings’ new EP, “Four Future Standards,” which follows the band’s 2010 debut, “Love is Lawless.”

Photo by Tina Brugnoletti

Jail Weddings, “(There’s Nothing Worse in the World Than a) Crying Girl”

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