'Weedwave' duo James & Evander gives away song from 'Circuitry & Sunlight' EP

In our age of ironic detachment, an awful lot of indie rock, etc., songs are packed full of arch lyrics about being too cool to care. So James & Evander skip the lyrics altogether on “Turtle Two,” the free song from their new EP, “Sunlight & Circuitry.”

The Oakland duo met in college in 2005, discovered a shared affinity for Moogs and analog synthesizers and started making music — enough for an EP and a full-length so far.

Now headquartered in a basement in West Oakland, dubbed the Turtle Shell, where the one window sometimes bathes their circuitry in sunlight (aha!), James & Evander blend influences including the Album Leaf and Dntel into the six new songs on “Sunlight & Circuitry,” which a press release calls “weedwave, the stonier, more introspective cousin to chillwave.”

Never mind the tag, though — just listen to the song, a gently pulsing instrumental electro number with understated percussion and spacey layers of synthesizers.

Turtle Two mp3

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