Neon Indian cover leads to tour, free song from EP, for Texas singer Jesse Woods

It’s probably a sign of the times that a new artist riding a wave of buzz less than a year ago already has a protege, but that’s sort of the story with Neon Indian and Jesse Woods.

Woods got noticed thanks to a cover of Neon Indian’s song “Mind, Drips,” which led to a stint on tour with Sunset, a new project from experimental musician Bill Baird of Sound Team. Baird is producing Woods’ full-length debut, which will happen some time this fall. In the meantime, though, the Austin resident has released “Moon Rocks,” a limited-edition EP that’s drawing comparisons to some pretty big names, including Townes Van Zandt and Bon Iver. (The EP is available here.)

Free song “Sparks” has that dusty troubadour feel, thanks to acoustic guitar and reverb-saturated vocals. There’s something powerful and desolate about the song, which bodes well for Woods’ planned full-length.

Sparks mp3

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