JOGYO mixes reggae with tribal sound on free single

If we’re being honest, reggae isn’t the sort of thing we usually go for here at LD WHQ. That said, JOGYO has our full attention on their single “Rudeboy.”

Then again, it’s more than just reggae. The duo, Dru Barnes and Devi Mambouka, mixes the dancehall sounds of his native Jamaica (he grew up in Trenchtown) with tribal and folk influences from her native Gabon (she’s the daughter of a Gabonese ambassador to the United States) and adds clattering electro beats for a sound that’s intensely rhythmic with a riot of jostling melodies.

JOGYO (Sanskrit, we’re told, for “pure thoughts or stillness among action”) released the song in September, b/w “ThundaCat,” but it’s yours now for free.

Photo by Charlie Gross

Rudeboy mp3

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