John Murry wanders the streets in video for gripping 'California'

“California” is exactly the kind of song you’d expect John Murry to write, given his background: he’s said to be a second cousin of William Faulkner’s, a recovering heroin addict and an ex-Methodist convert to Catholicism. The song somehow encompasses all of that, and more, with eclectic bits of instrumentation drifting past Murry’s drawling, lived-in voice.

The video is just as eclectic. It’s shot in a sort of stop-motion effect as Murry has odd encounters — a woman comes up and kisses him, a small child takes his hand — while wandering through San Francisco. The song comes from Murry’s solo debut, “The Graceless Age,” produced by Sun Kil Moon’s Tim Mooney, which drew no small amount of acclaim last year when it came out in England. It’s due here in March.

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