Jonny Corndawg revs it up on free song 'Chevy Beretta'

Oh, Jonny Corndawg. You have such a cringe-inducing name, but you make such awesome music.

Though he lives in Brooklyn now (naturally), Corndawg hails from Nashville. You can hear it in his music, which owes a lot to 1970s honky-tonk. He plays loose, twangy songs shot through with a wide-streak of wry humor on his latest album, “Down the Bikini Line,” which comes out Aug. 30.

To celebrate, Corndawg is giving away “Chevy Beretta,” a speedy tune packed with trebly country guitar picking as Corndawg catalogs a certain set of accomplishments: “Smoked drugs, made love, fucking underwater, I can safely say I’ve done it all,” he sings without batting an eye.

If you’re the sort of person who thinks this kind of thing must be seen to be believed, you’re in luck: Corndawg has tour dates scheduled all over the place through November. Check out his itinerary.


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