Juiceboxxx drops single 'Like a Renegade' from forthcoming debut LP

When he’s not busy starting a record label, Thunder Zone; using his record label to launch his own line of energy drinks; or doing interviews with Forbes, Milwaukee rapper Juiceboxxx, y’know, raps.

In fact, he’s been dropping singles and mixtapes since he was a teenager (download a few here), and now he’s previewing his official debut album with the new single “Like a Renegade.” It’s a blustery banger of a track, with echoes of the Beastie Boys in the guitar riffs and the boom-bap beats. He raps with easy confidence, dropping brash rhymes in a sing-songy cadence as he circles ever back to the refrain.

“Like a Renegade” comes from “I Don’t Wanna Go Into the Darkness,” which is due July 24 on Infinity Cat/Thunder Zone.


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