Julian Koster dreams of 'White Xmas' and singing Christmas carols at your house

Some indie rockers are just too cool for Christmas, but others have an earnest streak a mile wide.

Julian Koster is among the latter. The Music Tapes leader and former Neutral Milk Hotel bassist last year released a whole album of holiday songs, “The Singing Saw at Christmastime,” which is, in fact, a collection of tunes played on singing saw.

He’s back with one new offering this year: a lovely, ethereal version of “White Christmas.” He’s also touring and, in typical haphazard Elephant 6 style, putting together the itinerary in a haphazard, last-minute fashion. That means that if you live in the eastern half of the United States and have any interest in hosting a caroling party in your home or apartment, there’s a solid chance that Koster can join you.

His proposed touring path:

December 7-9: Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana & Lower Half of Illinois
December 10-12: Chicago, Illinois, Michigan
December 13-15: Ohio, Pittsburgh, Western NY
December 16-18: Upstate NY, New England (CT, RI, VT etc)
December 19-21: Philadelphia, NYC, Baltimore, DC, Chapel Hill

To let Koster and his band of carolers know you’re interested, email musictapescaroling@gmail.com. Be sure to include an email address or telephone number for reply.  Invitations where the hosts indicate that they would be willing to entertain outside guests on caroling night are preferred. Please note your permission to invite others from the area to your house and whether you can offer the carolers a place to sleep in your letter or email.

Once the limit on houses on a given night has been reached, the address of each house that will welcome guests will be distributed via email to all who email musictapescaroling@gmail.com and ask to attend. The addresses of the houses will not be posted online.

White Christmas mp3

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  1. sjb
    December 7, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    A creepy Christmas, just the way JC intended.

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