Ex-Dr. Dog drummer Juston Stens gives away solo song

It’s always a curious thing when someone leaves a successful band to strike out on his (or her) own, but it felt like the right move for former Dr. Dog drummer Juston Stens. He had a big batch of songs and nowhere to put them, so he left Dr. Dog after six years and five albums and recorded his solo debut, “Trash or Treasure.”

Out earlier this month, the album has an airy feel on hooky rock songs with a noirish feel, with guitars that jangle just so and round, bulging, round basslines. It’s all there on free song “When Fire Burns Out,” which sounds readymade for some awesome warm-weather party just around dusk.

Along with a trip to SXSW, Stens is embarking on a new project, a collaborative album that doubles as a motorcycle tour, with each song written in a new city along the way, with a new artist.

“When Fire Burns Out”

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