Connecticut folk singer Kath Bloom returns with new EP, 'Here I Am'

Outsider folk singer Kath Bloom returns this month with a new five-song EP, “Here I Am.”

Bloom, a Connecticut native, recorded a handful of albums with fellow New Haven musician Loren MazzaCane Connors in the late ’70s and early ’80s before fading from view and becoming one of those “long-lost” musicians who freak-folk cognoscenti delighted in rediscovering last decade. (Well, not completely from view: her song “Come Here” appeared in the 1995 movie “Before Sunrise.”)

Bloom never quit making music, though — she merely stopped releasing it while she raised a family. She began making her songs public again in 2008 with the LP “Terror,” her first album release in 24 years. She followed it with “The Thin Line” in 2010, and has been the subject of tributes by the likes of Devendra Banhart and Bill Callahan.

“Here I Am” is trademark Bloom: she accompanies her haunted, trembling vocals with austere acoustic guitar arrangements, and she sings every song as if she’s living it RIGHT NOW. The effect can be devastating, particularly on “Sea at Dawn” and the title track. The former opens with mournful harmonica over hard-plucked guitar strings that gives way to her wistful voice singing inconsolable lyrics. The latter starts off sounding far away, as if you’re overhearing Bloom singing to herself two rooms away, and then builds in power and intensity until she’s right next to you.

Caldo Verde releases “Here I Am” June 25.

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