Kisses channel danceable '70s club jams on free song from forthcoming debut LP

Plenty of hipster bands dabble in danceable electro formats, but few of them cite disco as a primary motivating factor. Rank Kisses among the few.

According to press notes, the Los Angeles duo of Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson draws on the influence of long-format instrumental disco, which the pair refracts into more concise songs with vocals.

Kivel’s interest in disco stems from an “early in life” friendship with Alec R. Costandinos, a cult disco producer responsible for concept albums in the ’70s. Combine Costandino’s tutorials with a travel-writing job that took Kivel to exotic destinations around the world, and you end up with Kisses’ breezy jet-set aesthetic on “Bermuda,” the free song from the duo’s forthcoming full-length debut, “The Heart of the Nightlife.” It’s due Oct. 19 on This is Music.

Bermuda mp3

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