Kristin Mueller Reflects on ‘Time Is a Razor’: Song Premiere

After 15 years behind a drum kit backing various players on the New York music scene, Kristin Mueller is stepping out front on “Deserts & Long Trails,” her first album since 2006. Listen, Dammit today premieres her song “Time Is a Razor,” a ghostly track with double-tracked vocals that drift through a wash of piano, steel guitar before the rhythm grows turbulent and growling electric guitars push to the fore.

It’s a compelling song that grows downright riveting after a few listens — a description that applies to the rest of the album, too. Mueller has a soft, inviting voice, she makes instinctive use of changes in volume and tone, and her experience on drums has given her a feel for subtle, inventive rhythms.

Mueller’s previous album under her own name, “Ports of Call,” included the song “Finding a Woman,” which had appeared in the 2003 film “What Alice Found.” “Deserts & Long Trails” is due Feb. 25 on Eastern Spur Records.


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