La Sera teases second album with fast, tough free song

Last year’s self-titled debut from La Sera’s was a hazy, dreamy collection of songs that established Vivian Girls drummer Katy Goodman as a potent bandleader in her own right (remember “Come Around?”) — an impression reinforced by the first song from La Sera’s sophomore album.

“Please Be My Third Eye” is faster and tougher than anything on the first album, and Goodman surrounds her floaty voice with layers of muscular guitars: there’s the murky, chugging riff that powers the whole song, and then, about 20 seconds in, a huge wave of bright guitar sweeps through into the chorus. It’s visceral and super-awesome.

Press notes describe the album, “Sees the Light,” as “a break-up album for the best kinds of break-ups.” Suffice to say we’re smitten already. “Sees the Light” is due March 24 on Hardly Art.

Photo by Magda Wosinska

Please Be My Third Eye

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